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Eric Dewhirst Eric Dewhirst
February 9, 2018 ● Home Care 3 min read

Staying at home means staying safe!

Here is a handy checklist of things to review in your home to make sure you are safe and can stay there for as long as possible.

Home Interior Yes No
Stairs inside home are safe    
End of stairs is clearly marked (top and bottom)    
Handrails on both sides of stairs    
Hallways and doorways wide and obstruction free    
Fire extinguisher available    
Smoke detectors present    
Adequate lighting    
Throw rugs absent    
Area rugs secure and safe    
Adequate heat    
Adequate cooling    
Space heaters safe    
Hazardous materials stored safely    
Adequate plumbing    
Absence of rodents/insects    
Adequate trash pickup    
Space free of clutter/debris    
Electrical cords safe    
Safe use of electrical circuits/extension cords    
Furniture arranged to facilitate mobility    
Furniture appears sturdy and in good repair    
Non-carpeted floors are not slippery    
Door thresholds safe    
Safe water temperature    
Safe Storage of Chemicals Yes No
Able to distinguish between products    
Chemicals stored away from food    
Outdated products safely disposed    
Flammables kept away from heat    
Exterior Yes No
Able to get in/out of front door safely    
Able to get in/out rear door    
Able to retrieve mail/newspapers    
Ramp available, if needed    
Stairs safe and in good repair    
Railing on stairs    
Proper lighting    
Snow/ice removal, when needed    
Bathroom Yes No
Able to get into bathroom    
Able to turn on light    
Able to get on/off commode    
Able to safely transfer in/out of tub or shower    
Able to use faucets    
Soap available    
Safe use of transfer bench    
Night light, if needed    
Grab bars available and secure    
Raised toilet seat, if needed    
Non-slip mat or strips in tub or shower    
Proper disposal of soiled incontinence pads    
Adequate cleaning/sanitizing    
Kitchen Yes No
Adequate food storage    
Able to recognize if stove/oven is on    
Able to feel heat    
Fire extinguisher available    
Smoke detectors present    
Able to prepare meal    
Able to operate microwave    
Able to get groceries    
Frequently used items within reach    
Pet Care Yes No
Pets safe underfoot    
Able to feed pets    
Able to let pet outside    
Able to change litter box    
Able to provide pet adequate exercise    
Bedroom Yes No
Able to get in and out of bed    
Room for hospital bed, if needed    
Light accessible    
Phone accessible from bed    
Emergency alert system accessible from bed    
Adequate heat    
Bedside commode    
Flashlight available    
Night light, if needed    
Mobility Yes No
Absence of falls    
Balance stable    
Able to maneuver assistive device    
Activity tolerance    
Shoes are safe and comfortable    
Communication Yes No
Able to utilize telephone    
Emergency response system available    
Able to use system    
Can call for help in emergency    
Able to exit in emergency    
Able to clearly communicate needs    
Able to hear alarms    
Personal Safety Yes No
Safe clothing for ambulation and circulation    
Wears shoes or non-skid socks inside    
Able to self-manage medications    
Safe storage of medications    
Able to manage thermostat    
Able to verbalize and enact emergency plan    
Oxygen Care Yes No
No smoking around oxygen    
Able to safely change/refill tanks, as needed    
Tubing does not obstruct safe ambulation